2019Fall/BMTH100/120 Mathematics of Finance, Humber College

After teaching part-time at Seneca College for almost three years, I decided it’s time to move on due to the commute: we moved to where UTM is, and I find it very challenging to travel to Seneca on a regular basis. Usually, one-way travel takes me at least one hour, and being stuck in traffic along 401 makes it worse than it already is. I did enjoy my teaching at Seneca very much, and my teaching there reminds me a lot of my previous institution in Singapore: Singapore Polytechnic. Even the structure of the buildings on Newnham campus is almost the same with SP: all the buildings are connected through bridges and tunnels. My guess is at both places, the building structure is to accommodate the harsh weather: Canada’s winter is too cold for people to walk outdoor; while Singapore is too hot to walk outside.

I’m fortunate to start teaching at Humber College right away: this semester I’m teaching a course that I used to teach: Mathematics of Finance. For those who are interested in taking a look at what we do, here are the slides. A major learning objective for this course is to teach students how to understand a real-life scenario/story and translate it into mathematical language. After that the can use a financial calculator to find the solutions. Most of my students agree that this course, surprisingly, is not so much about mathematics, but rather about comprehending the stories.