2019Fall/MAT135: Differential Calculus

If you are currently taking this course with me, you can find all the course slides here: MAT135 Differential Calculus

The clicker questions we use in class can be found here:

Below are a few GeoGebra activities that we did in class.

  1. Even/Odd functions: In this app, students can visualize even/odd functions and explore the symmetries embedded in these functions.
  2. Function transformations: In this app, students can explore how different types of function transformations affect the graph of a function.
  3. Inverse trigonometric functions: In this app, students can see how the graphs of inverse sine/cosine/tangent are related to the original functions and see the reason for the choice of domains of these functions geometrically.
  4. Limits of functions: In this app, students can explore the limits to two given functions: f(x) = \frac{x^2-1}{x-1} and f(x) = \frac{x-1}{x^2-1}, and visualize removable discontinuity, vertical asymptote and horizontal asymptote.
  5. The derivative of a Function as Slope of Tangent Line: In this app, students can explore what is a tangent line to a curve at a point, and how the slope of the tangent lines changes when a point is travelling along a given curve.
  6. Derivative as a function: Students get to explore what happens to the derivative function based on a given one and they are related to each other geometrically. They can learn how to identify which curve is f(x) and which one is f^\prime(x) .

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