Reflection of using Geo-Gebra app in Linear Algebra course

Last semester I had the chance to explore how would using Geo-Gebra in my Linear Algebra course affect student’s learning experience. My initial goal was to find out whether using it would improve student’s engagement in the class. I had taught this course for a few times by then, and one observation I made was […]

2019 Winter MAT102: Intro to Math Proof

The main topics that we cover in this course are: Numbers, and Inequalities. Sets, functions and fields. Informal logic. Mathematical Induction. Bijections and cardinality. Integers and divisibility. Relations. The course note is available:┬áMAT102 The slides for weekly lectures can be found here: MAT102_Week1-2 MAT102_Week2-3 MAT102_Week 4-5 MAT102_Week 6 MAT102_Week 7 MAT102_Week 8 MAT102_Week 9 MAT102_Week10 […]

CV, Teaching dossier and more

Here’s a copy of my recent CV (edited in Jan 2021) Here’s a copy of my teaching dossier (edited in Jun 2020) Here are a few gems I collected during my journey as a math teacher: letter1, letter2, letter3, letter4, letter5, letter6, letter7, letter8, letter9, letter10 Research has shown student teaching evaluations are biased. Teaching […]

Should we all become edtech gurus?

I’m pleasantly surprised by how well-organized eCampus Ontario extend mOOC is, and hoping to make some meaningful and long-lasting connections with the community here. As I’m going through the materials of module 2: Technologists, I started thinking of why digital literacy matters, and how much does it matter to “good teaching”. Being digital literate starts […]


I’m joining the math department at University of Manitoba in 2020 Fall. Before that I taught math at University of Toronto Mississauga part-time since 2016 when my family moved to Canada from Singapore. I also taught part-time at two local colleges: Seneca College and Humber College while working at UTM. I taught math full-time at […]