Come and work with me in 2021 fall!

I’m doing an education research project titled “A Pilot Investigation of Interteaching in an Undergraduate Mathematics Course” in this fall, and the following positions are available for University of Manitoba undergraduate and graduate students.

Teaching Assistants:

  1. TAs are expected to be online with me every Wed, 10:30-11:20 to facilitate group discussions.
  2. TAs need to have online learning experience in the past year. And if they worked as TA and/or facilitated students’ learning, that’s a plus.
  3. TAs must know the course MATH2720 and its topics well. They should have completed this course recently with a decent grade.
  4. TAs need to have excellent communication skills, so they can work with students effectively.
  5. TAs’ weekly workload is 2 hours: 1 hour for preparation, and 1 hour for synchronous online facilitation. They will be attending some paid training sessions with me in the last two weeks August.

Research Assistant:

  1. We are planning to hire either 1 RA, for 10 hours per week, or 2 RAs, for 5 hours per week, for 4 months from Jan to Apr 2022.
  2. RAs are expected to collect data in the form of: student work submitted to crowdmark/UM Learn, students’ online discussions, and survey responses.
  3. RAs are expected to conduct oral interviews online and transcribe the conversations.
  4. RAs are expected to clean the data, perform data analysis, and write reports of what they have analyzed.

Feel free to email xinli dot wang at umanitoba dot ca for more details.

4 thoughts on “Come and work with me in 2021 fall!”

  1. Hello Dr. Wang, I am interested in both positions, the TA and RA. I would like to apply for both.
    To summarize my relevant skills, I think I am a good fit TA because I possess excellent communication skills and have experience teaching and mentoring students from an extracurricular I attended for 5 years. It was the Royal Canadian Air Cadets squadron, where I used to lecture cadets of ages 12-18 in various topics. I did this course in Fall 2020 and achieved a B+ grade.
    As for RA, I am interested because I wanted to be involved academically in my interests, I am doing a Math minor and have gotten interest and exposure in Data Analysis from my Computer Science major and a job I am currently doing. I am currently helping an Epidemiologist in collecting & entering Covid lab result data and helping them with the compilation of covid reports.

  2. My name is Aneesh Makkar and my student number is 7902203. I am interested in the TA position that is offered and I also satisfy the criteria mentioned. I scored A+ in Maths 2720 and I can be available on Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:20.

    I just want the reply of this mail as early as possible because I want to register my courses according to that.

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