MAT223 Linear Algebra Exam Review questions answered in videos

Dear students from MAT223: I’ve received some requests to explain the following questions and I made a few short videos to explain how to solve them. Happy learning! If and are linear transformations , and are three distinct vectors in so that then for all 2. If A is matrix and dim(null(A-I))=3, then A is […]

2019 Winter MAT102: Intro to Math Proof

The main topics that we cover in this course are: Numbers, and Inequalities. Sets, functions and fields. Informal logic. Mathematical Induction. Bijections and cardinality. Integers and divisibility. Relations. The course note is available:┬áMAT102 The slides for weekly lectures can be found here: MAT102_Week1-2 MAT102_Week2-3 MAT102_Week 4-5 MAT102_Week 6 MAT102_Week 7 MAT102_Week 8 MAT102_Week 9 MAT102_Week10 […]