Book Recommendation: a list of books that I enjoy reading

Here’s a list of books that I enjoy reading and I believe most of my students will benefit from reading as well. A majority of them are math related: they are meant for the general public to enjoy mathematics so it will be fun! The Joy of : a guided tour of math, from one […]

OE4BW: Open Education for a Better World 2019

First off, if you are interested in doing OER work and impact a bigger community besides your own institution, do pay attention to their call of new participants for next round. I had the pleasure of working with Jenni Heyman as the Hub Coordinator and Nkaepe Olaniyi as my Mentor while participating in this […]

Open Linear Algebra Textbook

I have been working on a project since the end of last year: adapting an existing open linear algebra textbook: Linear Algebra with Applications by W. Keith Nicholson to make it more interactive. You can read or download the adapted version here: To see the H5P elements, it’s best to view the book using […]

OCMA 2019: Improve student engagement using Geogebra

I presented my talk at The Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association 39th Annual Conference, on May 23rd. The talk can be found here: I shared what I did in my Linear Algebra class: using GeoGebra to explain and visualize a few core math concepts including linear systems, complex numbers, and eigenvalue/eigenvectors. The audience worked together and […]

[2019SMAT102] Videos for AM-GM inequality, inequality and set related proofs

I made several videos explaining a few topics that we cover in this course. Some of them came up during my office hours. If you’d like me to explain a certain concept/question covered in our course, feel free to drop me an email and you might see it here 🙂 AM-GM inequality: the statement, how […]

[BAB210] Business Statistics

I’m teaching this course during the summer semester at Seneca College. The course outline can be found here: We are into our second half of the semester now and being able to use Excel is an important part for the successful completion of it. I made several short videos explaining how to use certain […]

MAT223 Linear Algebra Exam Review questions answered in videos

Dear students from MAT223: I’ve received some requests to explain the following questions and I made a few short videos to explain how to solve them. Happy learning! If and are linear transformations , and are three distinct vectors in so that then for all 2. If A is matrix and dim(null(A-I))=3, then A is […]